The Electronic Listing Association is tasked with trying to bring clarity and order to an ever changing, and ever more complex world wide Internet.All listings certified by the association and bearing the certified trademark have been researched by our staff to ensure accuracy and transparency in business dealings.

All certified companies must have substantial products being developed within the United States or have a high percentage of employees within the country. While this may give the Association a bias towards American owned companies, we have yet to find this as a detriment to the value of ELA Certification. In fact, we have found that members seek out other members for supplies, products, and services.

With ELA membership, comes the ability to utilize the ELA member logo on your company’s website and promotional materials.

There are various membership programs available. Each has the possibility of requesting full certification of your business.

Basic membership entails ensuring that your company is an American owned and operated. That you are in good standing and fair in your business dealings.

Certification involves a proprietary process where our team evaluates the business in a more in depth manner. Once certified, a business gains the right to use the ELA certified logo which assures vendors and business operators that your business meets the highest standards of excellence.

If you feel your business meets our criteria, please fill out the form below and a member of the evaluation committee will contact you back within three business days.

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